About us

BTTI is a newly established TVET institution constructed with funds from the Kenya Government. It is located in a serine environment conducive for learning about 5Km from Bondo town along the Bondo – Misori road.  BTTI offers courses at Diploma, Craft and Artisan level in the following trade areas: Building and Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Business Studies and Information Communication Technology.


BTTI is working in collaboration with investors in the neighboring community to put up student hostels. Currently construction of both men and ladies hostels are at an advanced stage. All prospective students are assured of accommodation within the vicinity of BTTI, and in a secure and conducive learning environment. The investors have also made arrangement for provision of meals for the students at affordable rates.


Most of the courses at BTTI have been developed by the (KICD.) Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. However, the institution emphasizes competency based learning which ensures all the graduates are able to display the acquired skills. BTTI has state of the  Art Equipment and it is mandatory for students to attend practical lessons. In the Department of B&C Engineering, Students are able to learn courses related to Road Construction, where they learn a lot about material testing (strength of concrete, building blocks, building stones, wear on building materials)In the soil  mechanics lab the students are able to test properties of soil(permeability, elasticity etc.). In the pneumatic and fluid mechanic lab, students can test forces acting of fluids and air. The survey lab has the latest model of equipment where students can collect data and print report and drawing producing cartographic maps.

In the Masory Workshop, students are able to produce all types of building blocks, including interlocking and hollow blocks.

BTTI has a well-equipped plumbing workshop that produce skill and polish plumbers. The carpentry section exposes students during carpentry as a unit in their respective course to the world of wood work. Here, a lot of students show case their talents in furniture production roofing and roof design etc.

Whereas in Electrical and Electronic Engineering department the students are subjected to the TVET curriculum developed by KICD, BTTI has also developed short course in Electrical Installation, Solar Technology Motor rewinding and refrigeration. Students show case the expertise in developing Robotic thus participating in Robotic Competition.

With almost every students taking a unit in ICT, the ICT department serves the highest number of students within the institution. Our graduates all have a hands-on knowledge on how to operate computers and are adept in all areas of computing.

The BTTI ICT department is committed to nurturing young talent in computing and imparting knowledge to learners preparing them for self-employment and the job market.

In addition to the TVET courses, the ICT department also offer tailor made courses in web design and programming, SEO and graphics design etc.

If you are considering a technical course, then BTTI is the place to be.

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