Liberal Studies Department


Madam Mary Omondi
HOD Liberal Studies Department


The Department of Liberal Studies was established in 2018 by the then-principal of Bondo Technical Training Institute Mr. Peter Omondi under the leadership of Ms. Mary Omondi. Before its establishment as a separate department, it existed under the business department as a sub-section of the department.

It offers Social Work and Community Development both at craft and diploma levels. It is also a service department offering services in Communication skills, English, Social studies, Kiswahili, General Studies, and Life skills to technical and business departments. Diploma courses are offered in module I, module II, and module III.

The department presented its first bunch of students to National Examinations (Kenya National Examination Council) in 2017 and since then, it has tremendously produced very good results which it has continued to derive pride over.
In 2021, it opened its doors to the CBET course in Community Health and Development level 5. The course has so far attracted a good number of students. In September 2023, it’s looking forward to admitting students to the same course at level 6.

The department has continued to churn out highly qualified and competent graduates as social and community development workers, Counselors and Community Health workers. The department is equipped with well-trained committed focused and disciplined staff who will stop at nothing to ensure that the Bondo Technical Training Institute realizes its mission and vision.

Special thanks go to the Board of Governors of Bondo Technical Training Institute for its continued support of the department and above all, we give glory to God for his grace and mercies that have enabled the department to achieve all that it has.

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