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Young Africa Works in Kenya – TVET, clusters 17 and 18 having a group photo with PS, Vocational and Technical Training, Dr. Esther Mwaria (seated at the middle position), Director of Vocational and Technical Training, Dr. Mulati (seated at 3rd position from left and just next to the PS), Acting CICan Senior Technical Advisor, Mr. Erick Kayere (seated at 1st position from right) and other senior Government and relevant private sector officials. The team is participating in Young Africa Works in Kenya- TVET Partners Technical Forum. Bondo TTI is represented by the Principal Sawanda K’Odera, the ILO/ YAWK ILR Stephen Agumbi and Gender Lead Violet Atieno.

ILO’s workshop at Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodge organized by CICan for 25 TVET Institutions implementing Young Africa Works in Kenya-TVET Project


Manager of Business Operations Humber International Development Institute (Canada), planting a tree during CICan Team visit to the College in June 2022.

NON TEACHNG STAFF BTTI Non-Teaching Staff Team Building Group Photo