Finance Department is the central part of the Institute’s Administration, responsible for planning for
revenue and expenditures of the Institute, collection of funds for the Institute and proper management of
funds within the Institute.
The finance department of Bondo TTI is privileged to house four competent accountants with profound
academic and professional knowledge in various accounting fields, not to mention their in-depth
experience which is drawn from multiple industries both in the Public and Private sectors.
The objective of the Finance department is to promote; Integrity, Accuracy, Validity, Efficiency,
Accountability, Compliance, Effectiveness, and Equity in all matters oscillating around financial
resources. The department works in consultation with the Internal Audit department of the Institute to
achieve compliance with the Internal policies, GoK policies, IPSAS, IFRS, and GAAPs among other
The department reports to the Board of Governors of the Institute through the Finance & General Purpose
committee from time to time. Financial reports are forwarded to various government authorities/agencies
within timelines prescribed by law.
Bondo TTI is currently operating a cashless mode of transaction. The Institute has already activated the
online banking platform. Trainees present Bank Deposit slips, Cheques, and M-Pesa payment details which have to be verified against the record contained in the Bank statements on a real-time basis. This helps the Institution in identifying any counterfeit payment assertions (if any) as a precautionary measure against
financial risk.
The Institute is a going concern. However, the challenges of missing/reduced capitation allocations still
affect it materially. The Institute continues to encourage Trainees to take advantage of other sponsorship
programs like; HELB, County/NG-CDF Bursaries, NGO sponsorships, and other programs to help them
settle their fees.
We appreciate the continued support of the Accounting Officer, and we hope to maintain a high level of
service delivery even in the future.

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