The Principal

The Principal -Mr. Luke Sawanda K’Odera

The Principal -Mr. Luke Sawanda K’Odera

Bondo Technical Training Institute is one of the institutes that were recently constructed and registered as technical training institute in the country. It is in Siaya County, Bondo Sub-County, 5 kilometers along Barkowino Misori Road. It is a public institution. Its construction is planned to take place in Five Phases. The First Phase of the development of the T.T. I is already completed. This phase comprises of a Building and Civil Engineering Complex. The complex consists of 13 classrooms, Soil Mechanics laboratory, Topology laboratory, Material testing laboratory, Computer laboratory, Technical Drawing Room, 10 lecturers’ offices, a staffroom, a kitchen, Head of Department’s office and a small departmental library, and of course the necessary ladies and Gents small rooms. There are also three workshops, for Plumbing, Masonry, and Carpentry. Each of the workshops has a store and a classroom and a preparation room. Finally the phase one project also has a lecture theater hall that can also be used for other purposes. As at now, the college has a capacity of 1,000 students. But when the five phases are completed the institute should be able handle over 5,000 students.

Masonry Students during Practicals

The college is now running. We had our first admission on May 11th, 2015, when 57 students were admitted into various courses that we advertised, namely;

  1. Building Technology
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Land Survey
  4. Quantity Survey
  5. Certificate in Plumbing
  6. ICT, and many other business and engineering courses at both Diploma and Certificate levels

Professionals in the building industry who have visited the institute have all agreed that the institute is well equipped to provide quality training to the building industry. But it is not only training that we aspire to provide services of, but also research, material testing and any other services that may be necessary to the building industry.

Phase II, III IV and V of our development will cover other engineering field, e.g. electrical, ICT, mechanical and even the hotel industry. In all the areas that we hope to provide training and services in, producing competent graduate for whichever industry remains our greatest inspiration.

All in all, I wish to invite all aspiring to be students of this institute to visit the college any time of the day and learn more about us. Bondo T. T. I is a public institution and therefore belongs to the public. Both our doors and gates are open to the public at any working day and time.

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