Phased Reopening Calendar

The calendar for phased reopening is as follows:


March 2020 KNEC Series

1st Term 2020/21

Christmas Break 18th December, 2020 to 3rd January, 2021

1st Term 2021 (Cont)

2nd Term 2020/21

3rd Term 2020/21


5th October, 2020

8th October, 2020

12th – 23rd October, 2020

Commences 26th October, 2020

4th to 29th January, 2021

15th February to 7th May 2021

Commences 24th May to 13th August 2021


Candidates report back to institution

KNEC Rehearsal

March 2020 KNEC Examinations

July 2020 Candidates report back

Registration deadline extended to 28th October, 2020

July 2020 KNEC Examinations (18th to 29th January 2020)

September, 2020 Admission Cohort

KNEC Examinations (2nd to 13th August 2021)

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