Human Resource Management


The main role of the department is to maximize the productivity of the institution by
optimizing the effectiveness of employees/staff through the provision of the following

  • Performance management,
  • HR compliance,
  • Workplace Safety and Welfare
  • Discipline management.

The department endeavors to provide our number one customer- the students the value
for their money. We ensure staff with a level of meritocracy are hired. The HR department
attracts and retains the best quality staff and supports professional and personal growth
while offering administrative support to students’ learning experiences. Our selection
process is rigorous to ensure we select staff with proper mastery of content to be
delivered to the students.
At the end of every year, each employee must undergo an appraisal process to help
identify areas of weakness which can then be addressed through relevant training. The
staff members are always upskilled to ensure quality content delivery to students.

BTTI prides itself in ensuring the longevity of good technical skills output to students.
The HR department also works together with the relevant departments to create
policies; the policy documents contain important information concerning staff
employment at BTTI. We encourage all staff to familiarize themselves with college policies and
other aspects of employment. The public should experience both professional and
personal growth as members of the BTTI fraternity.

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